Squares from a family in QLD

This block was made by Kia, mother of Cassie and Esta, from Glenella, QLD.

Kia wrote, "I chose to make this block because of the heartfelt emotions and tears I experienced when watching the tragic bushfires on television. I currently live in QLD but lived in Victoria all my life prior to 3 years ago. The heart block is representative of everyone's hearts during that time ... fire-fighters, victims, family survivors and the general Australian population which gave with all their hearts. My phrase which I have embroidered on the heart purely says it all, "Hearts that care, hearts that share." The colours chosen for the block were specifically chosen:

Black fabric - roses - I had roses in my garden and I love roses

Black & grey - burnt bushfires and ashes

Red - "our" red hearts

Yellow - the sun, love from sunny QLD

Green - the trees and nature

This block was made by Esta, 5 and a half years old.

When the bushfires were on television, it made a big impact on Esta's life, as just before our family relocated to QLD from Victoria (Warnambool), we had visited the Grampians where that year (2006) there were major bushfires on Australia Day. This is why Esta wanted to contribute to the Marysville Quilt. Esta chose the angel picture from a panel which was in the sewing room and she thought up the little phrase, "I am an angel and I love everybody" herself. The angels in her phrase are about looking over the people who lived and died in the bushfires. The angel is holding a pet cat, as she has a pet cat, and for the pets' lives lost in the bushfires. Esta's phrase is her own handwriting and she drew her own hearts. She did all of the sewing, except for the ironing and the cutting.

This block was made by Cassie, 7 years old.

Cassie wanted to contrinute to this quilt project as when the bushfires were on TV it touched her deeply because she remembered when we lived in Victoria and visited the Grampians in 2006, just 2 months after the Australia Day bushfires. So when she saw the 2009 bushfires on TV she immediately spoke about the Grampians. Cassie made up her saying and specifically chose the picture from an angel panel in the sewing room. She labelled it a "love fairy" because everyone needs love. Cassie loves butterflies and we have a pet cat, so she tied these two ideas into her sewing. The butterfly, because it can fly very fast. The love fairy holding a pet cat, because we have a pet cat. Cassie wrote her own phrase and wanted me, her mother, to embroider the writing. She did all of her own sewing, except for the ironing and cutting!


  1. You have done a wonderful job and you should be proud of your effort and that of Cassie's and Esta's.

  2. I know the family well and appreciate the feeling that would have gone into these pieces. Well done to the Edwards family.
    Warrnambool Resident.