Squares from Hope Christian College, WA

Georgie from Kardinya, WA, enlisted her husband, daughter, sister and students from Hope Christian College to make squares. The result was 33 beautiful and interesting blocks for the Marysville Quilt Project.

Georgie writes,

"The students in Mrs Wilson's Year Three class at Hope Christian College in Roelands produced 15 squares at a moment's notice, using fabric pens. They were thrilled at the opportunity. Some of the students have signed their work, others have not. Mrs Wilson was amazed by one child, who she said, usually struggles to complete most tasks, took to the challenge with vigour. Mrs Wilson was delighted.

I managed to coax my brother, Phil Vine, into making a contribution. He came up with the four sepia style sketches - for a little Australian humour.

My daughter Helen produced 6. Helen has chosen Australian landscapes, water lillies and an Australian beach scene.

The balance are mine - some hand-stitching and use of fat quarters."

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