Rachel and Shirley from 'Bustle & Bows' in Surrey Hills, Victoria, sent in these beautiful squares which have special significance for their family. Rachel wrote:

"Both designs were inspired by my Uncle's property "Birchmere", which was completely destroyed on Black Saturday. My Uncle spent the last 20 years of his life creating the garden which housed many rare trees and plants and was admired by gardeners from all over. Although there were many plants we could have embroidered, we chose the holly because it was close to my Uncle's heart and Mum & I both loved the toadstools that popped up in autumn. Mum embroidered the toadstools and I embroidered the holly."

Rachel and Shirley sent us some beautiful photos of Birchmere. They truly convey what a beautiful place it was - and, we hope and believe, will be again.

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  1. To the 2 Julies, thank you for co-ordinating this lovely project. We are delighted to be involved. The devastating events of Black Saturday touched so many peoples hearts and this quilt will offer hope and comfort to those affected. My uncles garden is already showing signs of recovery, with daffodils, jonquils, bluebells and even rare russian snowdrops popping their heads through the ashes. We look forward to seeing the finished quilt and once again thank you for all your hard work.
    Rachel & Shirley