Joshua's handprints and a special poem for Marysville

Raquella from Donvale, Victoria, had some special help with this square:

Raquella wrote:

"This picture is of my son Joshua's hands. He is 17 months old!"

Isn't that great, Joshua is definitely our youngest contributer yet!

Raquella also wote a special poem for Marysville, excerpted below:

When you look at the sky

and wonder why

the trees are barren

the grass is brown

the land is bare

with houses not there ...

We realise, we recognise

to rebuild Marysville

is to generate new hope

new sensations of love

in all our hearts

in both young and old ...

Australia is unique

in that everyone cares

to lend a hand

when things go wrong

to be there

for however long

It won't be easy

but it is a dream worth doing

to see Marysville in bloom again

with families everywhere,

singing ...

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