The following 5 photos were taken by Julie Warren

The well loved oaks on Murchison St.

A fern flourishing - as they will again.

Marysville in bloom.

The flag still flies valiantly outside the home of a family determined to rebuild. This is what their sign on the pole reads:

Green buds against the black bark.

Ducks at the lake in Gallipoli Park, Marysville. They seem to forming the Celtic pattern for eternity or endurance. The colours of the bushfire-affected trees are reflected in the water.

New growth in the bush.

Throughout the fire areas, Xanthorrhoea (Grass Trees) are sprouting. These trees only blossom after a bushfire.

Signs of hope.

New green growth amid the blackness of the Marysville bush.

This stand of majestic river gums, just south of Buxton, exploded in the intense heat of the firestorm. The tops have blown right off, like fire-crackers.

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