Gail's koala - remembering the wildlife

Gail from Brisbane, QLD, sent in this cute koala with the following message:

"I used a blue background because I felt that Marysville needed blue skies. I chose to do a koala in memory of all the wildlife that perished in the fires, and also Sam the koala who touched hearts all around the world. This is how they should be, not having to take help from people. Of course the suffering and loss of life and property should not be overlooked and I can't imagine how horrendous it was and continues to be for the people of these communities, but sometimes in times of great suffering the animals get forgotten.

We went to France and Belgium last year on a tour of the Western Front and came across an animal memorial in the small village of Couin in France, set up by a local farmer. It was very touching to see that in the enormous suffering of World War 1, someone had remembered the animals of war. So I'm launching my own tiny Sam out into the world to remind us that we share this planet with many other species. Hope she cheers someone up.

The idea of this quilt you thought up is lovely. As anyone who creates something, however small knows, something of oneself goes into it and that is what makes it so special.

We will be in Victoria next year and hope to make a trip to Marysville to see the finished quilt. It's been a privilege to be a small part of it."

Gail's beaut little koala will certainly be another significant square in the quilt. Thank you Gail for your lovely art and thoughtful words.

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