Inspiration For Your Quilt Block

The theme for the Marysville Quilt Project is 'Beauty from Ashes'.

Here is a montage of photos taken in Marysville and other fire-impacted areas, with a song called 'Beauty From Pain' by Superchick.

Despite the overwhelming devastation caused by the fires, the beauty, resilience, and strength of the people, communities and the land itself is clear to be seen.

Towns like Marysville have years of re-building ahead of them. The Marysville Quilt is to be a gift to the community to commend them for the courage they have shown so far, and to encourage them in the long task ahead.

Let's show that we care, that we have not forgotten about them once the media has, and that we have hope that 'pretty little Marysville' will be beautiful once more.

Here is a heart-felt tribute song that Nashville singer-songwriter Kevin Welch wrote for Marysville after hearing that some of the victims of Queensland's recent floods had donated their relief cheques to Victorian fire victims.

"I'm a stranger wherever I go
But I see what I see and I know what I know

The winds of heaven gonna do what they will
They just blew away pretty little Marysville

People round here did the best they could
Either got caught running or they died where they stood

By the time they saw it coming up over these hills
It was too late for getting out of Marysville

Sons and daughters, husbands and wives
The fire took one out of every five

Their spirits hover all around us still
Like smoke above the rubble in Marysville

There's only one measure of a woman or man
When trouble's all around, how tall do you stand?

What the devil burns down we will rebuild
Rise up, rise up Marysville

I'm a stranger wherever I go
But I see what I see and I know what I know."

Go to Kevin Welch's website to download this moving song for only 99 cents US.

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