The Phoenix

This symbolic block was created by Carolyn and Michelle of Oatley, NSW. Carolyn is a midwife who I connected with through my 'other life' as a doula (birth attendant) - more about that here. Michell wrote this wonderful letter to explain the story of the Phoenix:

"The day of the Victorian bush fires I was on a train trip home from a holiday in Tasmania. We had departed Melbourne and halfway back to Sydney the conductor walked the length of the train telling all the passengers about the devastation and loss, checking to see if anyone had family or friends in any of the fire-affected regions. Carolyn chose the theme of the Phoenix. We did a google search to facilitate my understanding of her intention and chose a design she was happy with. The symbolism of rebirth from the ashes, the Phoenix being destined to live as long as the old self is so apt - this mythical sacred firebird! The colours chosen are representative of the ancient Greeks' mythology. It has been my absolute pleasure to contribute to the quilt at Carolyn's request, and know that the final result is the culmination of purposeful and heartfelt intent from the both of us. I congratulate you and Julie Warren for this wonderful gifting. I wish you both every success and joy in your endeavour - may it fill the hearts of the people from Marysville."

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