How To Make a Quilt Block

Step 1: Obtain your quilt block.
Email Julie Bell, who will then post you your quilt block.

The fabric has been washed, to check for shrinkage, and to prepare it for painting or stamping. The edge of each block is overlocked to prevent fraying and to help stabilise it. Each block has been ironed onto a piece of freezer paper. This can be peeled off or re-ironed if necessary. There is a 6 inch square design area carefully marked with a marking pencil, which will come off eventually.

Thank you Julie Warren for lovingly preparing 45 such blocks for the Marysville Quilt Project!

Step 2: Plan your design within the 6 by 6 inch square marked on the fabric. Take care not to go over this marked area, because the margin will be needed for hemming.

Step 3: Decide whether you want to use fabric pens (such as Pigma pens), fabric paint, embroidery or fabric applique to design your block.

Step 4: When the block is completed, post it back to Julie Bell at PO Box 378, Warburton, Victoria 3799. All squares must be returned by September 30, 2009!!!

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  1. All our prepared quilt blocks have been sent out. BUT you certainly can still be part of the project. Select some fabric that is 100% cotton and pre-washed so it won't shrink. Cut out an 8 by 8 inch square of your fabric. Measuring in one inch from each of the 4 sides, create a 6 inch square in the middle. Make sure your design stays within this. You can overlock the edge like Julie Warren did if you wish - but it's not essential. Also, ironing it onto freezer paper is optional too. Then - once it's finished, post it to us. I'm moved to tears each time one of these beautiful blocks arrives in the mail. Thanks to everyone for your work and all the love and care that goes into it.